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The Seeds2B Africa initiative is a joint project of AATF and Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture (SFSA) that envisions millions of smallholders in Sub Saharan Africa with access to a wide range of affordable, quality seeds of better-performing and locally-adapted varieties.

  • AATF manages implementation of Seeds2B Project activities including: scouting for seed-based technologies that match local needs; coordinating assessments and reporting of varietal performance across agro-ecologies; management of product stewardship as well as regulatory and legal compliance;
  • Public and private breeders submit appropriate improved crop varieties for assessment;
  • Organisations that facilitate trials:
    • The Department of Agricultural Research Services, Malawi
    • The Department of Research and Specialist Services, Zimbabwe
    • SNV, Zimbabwe
  • Local seed enterprises will produce and market seed of selected varieties;
  • SFSA provided start-up funding for the Project. It oversees the overall Programme coordination; supports human resources capacity building for the partnership; and provides technical contributions to support Project management.

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